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Monday, February 16, 2009

Boo Club Update and a finished RR UFO!!

OMG OMG OMG I can't believe that after being sent around for 2 different Round Robins my Bent Creek Snappers are finally finished all but the actual snaps themselves!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! As you can see by the pics it took a tad over 4 years. LOL But it DID get done! Now I'll have to drop by my local Hancok's and pick up both silver and black snaps and then go pick out a frame for this monstrosity! It'll probably take both arms and both legs to pay my way out of that one! I've emailed all the stitchers in round 2 to see if anyone will take credit for their squares.....I've narrowed it down to a couple of months unclaimed on round 2 but unless I can find some hard copy documents (fingers crossed) from the 1st round I may never know who stitched a couple of these babies! Wahhhh If you want to get a better idea of what they look like all strung out like they should be you can look here: http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc56/wickedwitchmaggie/Finished/2009/
It has come to my attention that I should probably give credit where credit is due so here is a list of the dedicated stitchers and the corresponding months that they stitched for my Bent Creek Snapper RR! You are now being immotalized! Now if I can just figure out the last 2 months....
Jan – Me 2nd round
Feb – Me in the 1st round
Mar - ??
April - ??
May - Me in the 1st round
June - Me 2nd round
July – Arielle S in the 1st round
Aug – Colleen G 2nd round
Sept - Kim M & I 2nd round
Oct - Linda C 2nd round
Nov - Kim M 2nd round
Dec – Arielle S in the 1st round

I've also made some good progress on my Lizzie Kate Boo Club!! I've changed the color of the alternate blocks in the border to a lime gree DMC 907 I think. The border on the right extends far below the picture here...... I need to catch up the other side of the border and then I will add the buttons to Treats & Black Cat but I don't want to have to fight with them while stitching. I'm amazed that I am making the stitching progress on all these projects that I am. Whew I sure hope I can keep it going and not drop behind!

The February installment of SanMan's 12 Days of Halloween SAL has been announced so I will have to get that going tonight. Here is a pic of it but don't expect mine to look like that cuz you KNOW I'm gonna have to make changes!!!! I'm thinking a bright yellow fabric??
Well that's it for now!

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  1. Oh huge congratulations on the RR finish! Four years? WOW!

    I do like the lime green!