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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crabby - Boo Club Update

Well I still haven't managed to get my package mailed to the finisher....too much work - can you imagine my bosses wanting me tow work? How Ruuuude! Hopefully tomorrow. I did get some more stitching done though. Here is the header for Crabby and almost all of the Spider block on Boo Club - all that I have left to finish it is the star that dots the "i" and then it is on to Eek & Creepy. I've emailed the LNS where I signed up to get them shipped automatically to see when (if they even know) more will be released.........


  1. Congratulations on finishing the Crabby header! March looks to be a breeze...can we handle it???

    Loving this LK!

  2. Daf,

    I've already changed up March to fit my taste and am on pins and needles to start!!!

  3. I just love all your works..
    I'm doing this one also ... in fact, I just love all Lizzie Kate's designs...
    If you have the chance please take a look ate my blog... it's written in portuguese though..
    Anyway, you may look at the pictures and see my works.!!!