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Monday, March 2, 2009

A Very Delayed Update!

I've been stitching but haven't seemed to be able to get a posting done. LOL By the time I'm done stitching for the day it is soooooooooo late I keep telling myself "Self, you just wait until tomorrow to update your lil ole blog; you are to tired to do it right now." While true it doesn't get a posting done now does it? So I'm gonna do one large update rather than several small ones. I've been having the urge to make Pinkeeps, Floss Tags and Fobs so I dug through my considerable stash looking for something that said "Pick Me!, Pick Me!" And low and behold Shepherd's Bush's Glory Fob was the loudest of the bunch so I've now stitched 2 of Long May She Wave......The next loudest was Lavender Wings Tis A Grand Old Flag with Sam Sarah's Love & Country coming in a close 3rd. SS's L&C has been on my To Do list for my friend Kay for quite some time so at least that is one on my list I can mark off. I'm thinking it is calling out to be Pinkeeped while the SB and LW are all asking to be fobbed. I'm thinking of making a Needlebook to go with the SB fobs but haven't as yet come up with a pattern that is perfect so if any of you have an idea please feel free to let me know. I came across someone else's blog (can't for the life of me remember whose....my apologies) where they had just posted the receipt of a Floss Tag in an exchange. The pattern used was a piece of Lizzie Kate's Meow Flip It and I fell in love with the idea. I'm nearly through with the kitty and am stitching on the fish bowl for a coordinating fob and will be starting the "meow" piece for the back of the fob. I'm toying with the idea of stitching it again as all one piece to make a needle book but would rather find a piece that isn't the same but goes well ya know?

I've stitched all on my Lizzie Kate Boo Club Double Flip It piece that I can other than border until another installment is released. "sigh" I am not very patient about waiting either! I did a bit of searching on the net and even asked the LNS where I signed up to get them auto shipped and no where is there mention of when the next one will come out though they do say they will all be out by June. Hell's Bells it's just March! How long do I have to wait? Wah! :( Suer hope I don't lose my ooommph before they get here.

Crabby's March Wind is coming along just fine - could have finished it last night but thought I better try to get some sleep since Monday is a work day you know. If I'd known I was going to be sick to my stomach this morning I would have just stayed up and finished it. LOL I've changed the design up to fit my definition of wind here in Texas which had to include tumbleweeds and dirt as it doesn't ever seem to blow without one or the other here.

I'm hoping to get the sewing urge soon so that I can get these fobs done up and then move on to trying my hand an finishing off the Pinkeeps and Floss Tags. I've done grommets before on overalls that I decorated for my cousin's little girl so the eyelets don't intimidate me but it's been a loooooong time since I've done any sewing.....gonna just have to dive in I guess. I bought my interfacing and batting the other day when I picked up snaps to finish off my Bent Creek Snapper piece so I don't even have the excuse of needing to run to Hancocks. I know once I break out the machine all will be well but just haven't done it yet. I guess I'm a little worried the finishing part will distract me from the stitching part and I am on SUCH a roll! Speaking of finishing I did get my other package with all 4 of my BC Hello My Name Is Boo pieces along with my Mary Garry October Seasonal Momentos mailed off to my Fabulous Finisher Frances this past week and she emailed me yesterday to let me know the arrived safe and sound on Saturday. WooHoo I can't wait to get them home again so I can Gift them out!

Well if I'm gonna get any stitching done I'd best get off here and get to it! Again any suggestions for patterns to coordinate with these pieces for additional stitching accessories would be greatly appreciated.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crabby - Boo Club Update

Well I still haven't managed to get my package mailed to the finisher....too much work - can you imagine my bosses wanting me tow work? How Ruuuude! Hopefully tomorrow. I did get some more stitching done though. Here is the header for Crabby and almost all of the Spider block on Boo Club - all that I have left to finish it is the star that dots the "i" and then it is on to Eek & Creepy. I've emailed the LNS where I signed up to get them shipped automatically to see when (if they even know) more will be released.........

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello My Name Is Boo #4 for Candice

Well here he is, my final (I hope) Bent Creek Boo Kitty. I stitched this for my co-worker/adopted daughter Candice at her request. She gets to see most everything I stitch before anyone else and she fell in love with this lil guy. All 4 of these babies are off to my finisher tomorrow. On to other projects.....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

OMG I Did get distracted - by the mail!

You just won't believe it! I went to gather in the mail and WOOHOO I received a gift I won on the SanMan MB during Valentine's Day.

I entered a contest where I had to guess how long Myrna and her husband had been married. I was 1 of 3 who guess 27 years correctly and I won by random drawing! The prize was a pinkeep Myrna made herself. I expected that but I got the cutest card and a pair of pink scissors with a crystal fob too! How sweet was that? I love all of it.Thank you Myrna!

So see I had a legitimate reason to be distracted......back to the grindstone.

Fright Night 2 Finished! - SanMan's 12 Days Of Halloween SAL

Well I'm done on the second chart from SanMan's 12 Days of Halloween SAL! As you could tell from the first photos I didn't go with yellow fabric. LOL Though I have some picked out for one of the future pieces. As usual I switch most of the colors - I like then REALLY bright! I added some yellow Barbie buttons for the big bat's eyes.....kinda creepy huh? Here is the way the pattern shows this piece...I'm not a big heart fan so I changed the hearts in the border pupmkins to jack-o-lantern faces. Whatcha think?

I'm on to other projects now! I did take a small break earlier to start Boo #4. Got the lil punkin's mask done as you can see here. I wouldn't be in such a hurry to get this Boo done but I'm shipping all 4 of to my fabulous finisher Frances on Monday so I can gift them to thier new homes soon! I'll be getting back to Crabby's header as soon as I get this one done.....unless of course something else catches my eye. Hee hee hee

Friday, February 20, 2009

Progress On SanMan's 12 Days Of Halloween SAL

Well I've been stitching a bit here.....working on my SanMan Fright Night Chart #2 for February though we just got the chart last week I making quite a bit of headway. Here are my first 2 days of stitching progress and I'm sure to be finished tonight or early tomorrow! I've had a request for another Hello My Name Is Boo so I guess I'll get that done next before I go back to Boo Club....I would've posted these sooner but my desktop is on the fritz-usb wireless connection died! Gotta go grab another one!

More soon

Monday, February 16, 2009

Boo Club Update and a finished RR UFO!!

OMG OMG OMG I can't believe that after being sent around for 2 different Round Robins my Bent Creek Snappers are finally finished all but the actual snaps themselves!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! As you can see by the pics it took a tad over 4 years. LOL But it DID get done! Now I'll have to drop by my local Hancok's and pick up both silver and black snaps and then go pick out a frame for this monstrosity! It'll probably take both arms and both legs to pay my way out of that one! I've emailed all the stitchers in round 2 to see if anyone will take credit for their squares.....I've narrowed it down to a couple of months unclaimed on round 2 but unless I can find some hard copy documents (fingers crossed) from the 1st round I may never know who stitched a couple of these babies! Wahhhh If you want to get a better idea of what they look like all strung out like they should be you can look here: http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc56/wickedwitchmaggie/Finished/2009/
It has come to my attention that I should probably give credit where credit is due so here is a list of the dedicated stitchers and the corresponding months that they stitched for my Bent Creek Snapper RR! You are now being immotalized! Now if I can just figure out the last 2 months....
Jan – Me 2nd round
Feb – Me in the 1st round
Mar - ??
April - ??
May - Me in the 1st round
June - Me 2nd round
July – Arielle S in the 1st round
Aug – Colleen G 2nd round
Sept - Kim M & I 2nd round
Oct - Linda C 2nd round
Nov - Kim M 2nd round
Dec – Arielle S in the 1st round

I've also made some good progress on my Lizzie Kate Boo Club!! I've changed the color of the alternate blocks in the border to a lime gree DMC 907 I think. The border on the right extends far below the picture here...... I need to catch up the other side of the border and then I will add the buttons to Treats & Black Cat but I don't want to have to fight with them while stitching. I'm amazed that I am making the stitching progress on all these projects that I am. Whew I sure hope I can keep it going and not drop behind!

The February installment of SanMan's 12 Days of Halloween SAL has been announced so I will have to get that going tonight. Here is a pic of it but don't expect mine to look like that cuz you KNOW I'm gonna have to make changes!!!! I'm thinking a bright yellow fabric??
Well that's it for now!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yep I took another detour!!

I took another detour and worked up another project! It's Mary Garry's October - Seasonal Momentos which is an OOP pattern but I fell in love with it just this week and luckily a friend of mine had it in her stash! So now I'm gonna go work on Boo Club.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wahoo! I'm ahead for February's Crabby Stitchin!

I'm ahead of my own schedule. Take note! It may NEVER happen again. I've finished February's part of Crabby and added 2.25 more letters to the heading. Now I'm off to stitch on Boo Club tomorrow night and maybe I'll pick up my CEC Carrots or Flip Flops to try to get some progress made on them too............

Saturday, February 7, 2009

SanMan 12 Days Of Halloween SAL

Well I got sucked in to another SAL.........of course it is Halloween themed. LOL I just couldn't resist. We will be stitching patterns Sandy at SanMan gifted her board members with just this past Halloween. January's is titled Fright Night I just got the pattern yesterday and as I couldn't seem to get sleepy last night I stayed up until 6:30 this morning stitching on it and got back up at 10:30 to begin again. LOL Insomnia actual accomplished something this time. I stitched it on Sandy's own overdyed "Puttin On The Ritz" Jazlyn fabric in 28 count and change up most of the floss colors.

Now it's back to Crabby and Boo Club until they post the next installment. Though I've been toying with the idea of stitching something small for Valentine's Day. Hmmmmmm will let you know.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeah I'm A Bad Blogger!

Well I have some update pics for my SAL's. Both Crabby and LK's Boo club. I'm trying hard to keep the stitching rhythm and seem to be doing okay but my blogging leaves A LOT to be desired. LOL Oh well stitching is more important right?

I'm right on track for both projects I think but need to decide if I like the yellow colored floss inside the Boo Club checkered border or not and if not change it out now before I get too far into it to make a change. As it is there would still be quite a bit of frogging to do. I'm not going to use white as the alternate color in the checkerboard but haven't quite made up my mind what other color I will use. LOL

As you can see on Crabby I used my artistic license to change the word "stinks" to "sucks" LOL it just fit me better!!!! Never can tell what changes I might make..........

Monday, January 26, 2009

Crabby SAL & LK Double Flip It Boo Club Update

Well I think I'm back on track with my stitching. Finished Crabby's January part and started LK's Boo Club border - though not much progress it is started! Hoping to stitch each weekday night until I've completed it's first part too.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Crabby Update

Well it's not as much as I would like to have completed but here it is! My aim is to get up early tomorrow and get another couple of hours in! I don't guess it's too bad for just a couple of evenings stitchin huh?

I got an update on my LK Double Boo today. The 1st set of patterns are in and will be shipped as soon as they have gathered my floss! Woohooooo! Maybe the package will get here before I leave town at the crack of dawn on Wednesday........listen it's my fantasy and I'll tell it any way I want!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

1-2-09 First Day's Progress On Crabby SAL

Well it's not much but you can get a feel for the color fabric I chose; which by the way is 28 count Lugana Cinnamon Roll by Silkweaver. I've about decided NOT to change to overdyed floss as I think the poject is just too bug for that. That's not to say I won't add a touch or 3 of my own interpretation along the way. LOL My Mom calls it "Raping the pattern" but I just can't leave them alone gotta add my own twist.

I'm planning on trying to get some more done today but I'm also working on another project that just WOULDN'T wait. It is Bent Creek's Hello My Name Is Boo! Name Tag Pattern (which I think is discontinued-it's been on my Wish List a long time) that Sandy from SanMan Originals loaned me. I'm stitching it on 3 different colored fabrics one of which (the purple) is for Sandy (but don't tell her-it's a surprise for loaning me the pattern), the peach is for my friend Kay who likes cat patterns and will probably never get around to stitching it. LOL Especially since I have to return the pattern to Sandy. Kay doesn't do well with stitching deadlines. The last one on the brown is for me! I've already started the 'raping' as it were by changing the color of the first 2 cats as well as the mask color and the collar color. How's that for following directions? My cat will be blackish with a red mask and the pumpkins will vary in color as well. I'm anxious to see how they turn out so they will probably get preference over Crabby.

I have to go into the office today to print out invoices an I always seem to get sucked into trying to catch up on other stuff since it's a part time bookkeeping job and there is always more to do but am going to try to resist today as my son Josh will be going back to school in Boston at the butt-crack of dawn on Monday and I don't know when I'll get to see him again. Wahhhhhh! I hate that he lives so far away but the Massachusettes College of Art is where he decided to go and I didn't really have an option ya know? I'll be trying to cram as much time in with him before he goes as possible since last year he only got to come home once.
I'll try to be a better blogger and keep you posted on my Crabby progress.

PS: I've ordered the Lizzie Kate Boo Double Flip Its as well as the threads! I've pulled my fabric: 28 count Monaco Flair in Smoky Haze by Enchanted Fabrics. The picture from the website shows the aida but I'll show you a real scan once I get started.